Monday, January 16, 2012

Love Luna Bars!!!

I received an assortment of Luna bars today!   

White Chocolate macadamia, Toasted Nuts 'n Cranberry, Chocolate Chunk, Lemon Zest (my favorite), Blueberry Bliss, Chocolate Raspberry, S'mores (another favorite), Peanut Butter Cookie, Peanut Honey Pretzel, Mint Chocolate Chip Luna Protein.

Some of my favorites and many new flavors for me.  Really excited to try the new (to me) flavors!!!

I regularly use Luna bars as a snack during the day.  Whether it's just a regular snack or a pre or post workout snack.  I love the company and their values!!!

Oh just found out today that they now make Luna minis.  I think for now they are just available at Sam's Club.  If anyone finds them else where let me know!!!

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