Friday, August 26, 2011

Racing for first timers/beginners

Tomorrow is the Clearlake Olympic and Sprint triathlon.  There is going to be a good showing!  Last I heard there are about 900 people registered for the race.  Dave Scott will be there racing as well... or at least that's what the rumors are saying.  I always love this race.

Tips for beginners:
If you don't have a chance to physically check out the course before hand at least study the maps thoroughly.   That way you will know what to expect.

Double check your race packet and make sure you at least have your race bib (for the run), bike number, and helmet number and that they all match.

In your packet there should be a hand out of some of the rules.  Review it and go onto USAT's website and review some of the race rules.

Here is a check list for things to bring to the race.  You may not need everything on this list but it's a helpful tool to have.

Happy racing!!

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