Monday, November 3, 2014

Marathon season

Welcome to marathon season!  I hope everyone's training and first races are going well!  Adding foam rolling to your training routine on a regular basis really helps with recovery.  Also, there is talk of tart cherry juice aiding in recovery.  It's mainly the anti-oxidants from the cherries.

Here's a link to the no meat athlete's blog, he tested it out.

I have one race under my belt for the run season so far.  I tried something new (for me) and didn't wear my Garmin and wore a stop watch instead to keep track of my miles.  I wanted to see how truly dependent on my Garmin I am to pace myself.  Well… I found out fairly dependent.  My goal for this training season is to not depend on my watch so much.  Do you train with a gps watch?  Do you use it more as a guide or do you depend on it for pacing?

Happy training!!

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