Sunday, March 4, 2012

910 xt review

I recently purchased the 910 XT with heart rate from Bicycle World of Houston.  So far I really love it!

The first time I swam with it the yardage was under by about 250 yards... but since then it's been pretty on  with the yardage.  It will go over some times depending on the drills I do.  The 910 XT a lot lighter than the 310 XT and doesn't bother me to wear for a long swim like the 310 did.

I also really appreciate how light it is during my runs.  The first few times I ran with it the pace was all over the board, over just a few seconds.  I did a half marathon a week ago and the pace seemed to stay fairly steady.  Maybe the update Garmin sent out fixed that issue.

I love love love all the data it gives me for the swim.  One of my athletes recently bought the 910 also and it will really help me analyze their data.

The heart rate strap is much more comfortable than the 310's was... also it seems to work a lot better.  I don't have the issue of my heart rate reading some ungodly number at the beginning of my runs and jumping all over the place like with the 310.

Happy training!!

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