Thursday, November 17, 2011

Good luck IMAZ athletes!!

IMAZ was my first ironman distance race.  Brings back a lot of memories from when I did the race in April of '08.

For those from more humid climates don't forget eye drops, nose spray, and vaseline.  It's very dry there.  Since they have moved the race to November the temps are very different than they are in April.  Wear two swim caps (the race cap and a thicker one underneath), bring your cold weather clothing, i.e. arm armers, gloves, toe covers for cycling shoes, etc.  Put something fun in your special needs bags ex: favorite quotes, candy, pictures... anything to lift your spirits.  I've found having chapstick in my bento box and on me for the run really helps in an ironman.  Make sure to double and triple check your gear bags before dropping them off at the athlete village to make sure you didn't forget anything.  Take it easy the day before... relax you have a huge day ahead of you!  Most importantly remember to smile!!!  It takes a lot more energy to frown than it does to smile!!  :-)

Happy racing and good luck to everyone!!!!

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